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Our Story

One day in 2018 –

As I crossed the hall following a P.E. lesson, I happened upon the primary school’s principal. Keen to let me know how beneficial my presence as an external provider was, she spoke of the value for the pupils as well as the support for the teacher with my approach. Then with a heavy sigh she added, “it worries me that our reality now sees many children struggle in P.E. and are often disengaged.”

This wasn’t the first time I’d heard such a comment. It saddened me, concerned me and lit a fire within me.

You see, I’ve been privileged to have opportunities, as a child, to play – whether in the street, at school or in various sports. I came from a family that valued being active and who role-modelled that for me. As a multi-sport youth athlete, I then had the fortune of going on to pursue my chosen sport – athletics, ultimately winning national medals, competing for Ireland and becoming an All-American track athlete.

I value this gift of empowerment to be physically active and in helping me grow as person. I have also witnessed the transformative nature that sport and physical activity can have for people’s health and wellbeing and how it can lift all of us to a higher place.

And so, the fire was stoked and Kuul Play was born.

Today, we’re giving children a voice and answering their call of “Can we do more of this? It’s so much fun.”

Through harnessing the power of play and physical education, we’re striving to give every child the experience that recognises their mental, emotional, physical and cognitive stages of development and progressively builds on each. We believe in enabling all children to become physically literate, with enjoyment at the core of every experience. Students and teachers inspired our new name Kuul Play, where “Kuul” means ultimate fun!

Because every child deserves a healthy and active future.

Play Forever,

Coach Clare